2017 Award Finalist – Bend (OR) Police Department

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2017 Comprehensive Safety Finalist

Bend (OR) Police Department

The City of Bend Oregon Police Department contracted with a local yoga instructor to conduct on duty yoga classes for their officers. The night shift meets twice a week for one hour of duty time, to train together as a team to improve duty readiness. The Department’s officers have the opportunity to participate in a ten-minute guided mindfulness sessions at the end of their patrol shifts using the www.headpace.com website.

The Department also provides Spouse and Family Support Group programs and Peer Support Teams. The Spouse and Family Support Group have provided several social events mixed with education on public safety exercises. They provide classes on firearm safety, emotional survival and mental health trainings. They also host teas with professional guest speakers from the community on wellness.

The Bend Police Department decided to address the impact of shift work schedules and sleep deprivation on the individual officers’ health, by creating a new shift focused on minimizing how many shifts an officer will work after midnight. To minimize the amount of night shifts and make sleep more consistent, everyone rotates shifts every two months. This creates a situation where an officer should not spend more than four months a year on a night shift.