Glendale (AZ) Police Department

Glendale (AZ) Police Department


Award Year: 2018

Safety Category: Comprehensive Safety

State: Arizona

Additional Award Year:

Every officer in the Glendale Police Department (GPD) is issued ballistic vests; ballistic helmets and face shields, personal protective equipment, body cameras, dash cameras and audio recorders. Each officer is also given ten hours of advanced officer training per year and the department has adjusted their patrol schedules to allow entire squads time to train together and made online training available to all officers.

The GPD began a mental wellness program called “Bulletproof.” The program officers online resources, phone hotlines and other resources that are completely anonymous. Additionally they have implemented a peer support team involved in across the board training in the “Blue Courage” model to help strengthen their officers’ resilience and hearten human connections in order to combat officer suicide

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