Henderson Police Department

Henderson Police Department


Award Year: 2017

Safety Category: General Safety

State: Nevada

Additional Award Year:

In 2016, the Henderson Police Department (HPD), to improve officer wellbeing and safety, created a Restorative Rest Program. The department has a policy in place to allow on-duty Patrol Officers and supervisors a Restorative Resting Period during their lunch break. This is based on research in which it has been shown that individuals work performance and alertness improves following a 20 minute nap. This program was designed to allow officers to re-charge so to speak, remain alert, make better decisions and to perform more safely while out on patrol.

The Department has created several secure locations throughout the city where an officer can be safe and out of the view of the public, as they make use of this provision following approval from their supervisor. Once approved by their supervisor, officers can utilize all or a portion of their union allotted break for a resting period at one of the authorized locations. Officers are encouraged to use the resting period in their assigned area and only one officer or supervisor can be at a designated resting location at a time. Officers may be called away from their resting period by a supervisor, if needed.

Since the inception of the Restorative Rest Program, the HPD has not sustained any fatigue-related collisions and no abuse or misuse of the policy has been detected. This unique policy has been well received and is being looked at by over 100 agencies that inquired with the Henderson Police department about the program.

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