Texas A&M University Police Department

Texas A&M University Police Department


Award Year: 2018

Safety Category: General Safety

State: Texas

Additional Award Year:

The Texas A&M University Police Department is made up of 81 sworn officers and 46 uniformed, non-sworn security officers serving a population of 78,000. The department has jurisdiction over all property owned by Texas A&M University.

All officers in the department have been issued soft body armor and now must follow a mandatory wear policy. This policy is in effect for all officers working onduty, off-duty employment, or whenever an officer is in uniform, regardless of temperatures. Quarterly inspections are conducted for body armor fit, cleanliness, and signs of damage, abuse, and wear. The department was able to secure funding to provide every officer with an AR-15 rifle, a Kevlar helmet, and rifle-resistant hard plate armor. Officers are required to qualify twice a year with their AR-15 (daytime and low-light scenarios), and they are required to wear all of their tactical gear when qualifying. In addition, a skill-building in-service course is taught every year in which officers train on donning their equipment, moving, and shooting their rifles during courses based on actual incidents.

The department has four certified Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) Instructors. All sworn officers participate in the basic two-day active shooter response training course and a full day of in-service training annually. Officers have also been issued Self-Aid-Buddy-Aid kits, consisting of combat tourniquets, bloodcoagulating gauze, wound packing material, and other basic fi eld trauma items. Every sworn officer receives a full day of training in the use of these items and continued training is integrated into the scenarios during in-service active shooter response training. The kits are provided with a nylon pouch, which is mounted to the hard-plate carrier, along with rifle magazine pouches.