Destination Zero Conference

2020 Destination Zero Conference now available for viewing.

The Destination Zero Officer Safety and Wellness Conference is a bi-annual gathering of law enforcement officials who are dedicated to improving the safety and wellness of their employees. This year’s conference, managed by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF), featured prominent keynote speakers, two live panel discussions, the 2020 National Officer Safety and Wellness awards ceremony, and sessions featuring past Destination Zero national award winners and finalists. These virtual officer safety and wellness workshops are designed to assist agencies with beginning or enhancing their local initiatives to keep officers safe, mentally and physically healthy, and emotionally resilient.

Now Available for Viewing.

2020 Safety and Wellness Awards Ceremony

The Destination Zero conference featured a virtual broadcast of the 2020 Safety and Wellness Awards Ceremony, sponsored by Verizon. The 2020 awards were presented by Principal Assistant Attorney General Katharine T. Sullivan. Awards were presented to law enforcement agencies for General Officer Safety, Traffic Safety, Officer Wellness and Comprehensive Officer Safety and Wellness.

Impactful Sessions and Critical Takeaways

Session 1: Improving General Officer Safety

The first session of the day highlighted general officer safety, including the use of new ballistic equipment, active shooter training, firearms proficiency, and even the use of drones for foot chases and search and rescue efforts.

Session 2: Improving Officer Traffic Safety

This session focused on traffic safety. Presenters discussed various safe driving tips, traffic safety policies, crash reduction programs, and mandatory safe driving training. Law enforcement leaders and community traffic safety activists were featured in this session.

Session 3: Improving Wellness and Resiliency

This session featured officer/agency wellness. Topics such as fitness tests, cognitive re-framing, and stress reduction were discussed by a cardiologist, a mental health professional, a wellness expert, and agency executives.

Session 4: Live Panel Discussion on Policing During These Unprecedented Times

Pandemic, Protests and Policing in 2020: Strategies for Mental and Physical Well-being was a live panel discussion featuring experts from the medical and mental health communities as well as officer safety and wellness proponents discussing how agencies can increase the resiliency of officers in this turbulent time.

Session 5: Live Panel Discussion on DZ, How to Submit, and Keys to Success

Members of the Destination Zero team and past winners presented valuable information during this live panel discussion on applying for the National Officer Safety and Wellness awards and accessing the Destination Zero Safety Resources Center.

Now Available for Viewing.


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