2018 Award Finalist – North Richland Hills (TX) Police Department

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2018 General Officer Safety Finalist

North Richland Hills (TX) Police Department

The North Richland Hills Police Department’s (NRHPD) program, titled “SHIELD” (Service, Honor, Integrity, Ethics, Life, De-escalation) is rolled out in a three-day training course. The training covered an overview of SHIELD, the practical application of the skills learned and employee wellness. The department also created and published a policy on de-escalation techniques.

Their use of force policy was also revised; this new policy empowers employees to make decisions that promote the safety of their officers as well as other officers they may interact with. Officers are also provided with, in addition to standard ballistic vests, rifle grade armor, a ballistic helmet, a trauma kit containing tourniquets and hemostatic gauze and a tactical bag; additionally they receive self-aid/buddy aid training biannually.

The NRHPD also participates in Vincible, a Texas Police Chief’s Association initiative that promotes officer safety through adherence to five pillars: wear your vest, buckle up, slow down, stay fit, and “540”, which is a reference to being proactive about mental health.