2017 Award Finalist – Rockville (MD) Police Department

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2017 Officer Wellness Finalist

Rockville (MD) Police Department

The Rockville Police Department’s (RCPD) Officer Wellness Program is a wide-ranging program that encompasses both reactive and proactive approaches to officer wellness. In developing the program, the department worked with the city’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) vendor to identify providers within the EAP network that are trained to deal with law enforcement trauma, stress and wellness issues. An RCPD employee can call the EAP and ask for a “public safety specialist” to connect with someone who understands the uniqueness of the profession. The small department also increased its membership in the Montgomery County Police Department Peer Support Team. RCPD employees, both sworn and civilian were subsequently trained in peer support techniques.

The department worked with the Rockville Chamber of Commerce to identify local businesses that would be interested in a partnership with the police department by providing services for agency employees and their family members, to include legal and financial planning services.

The department issued a quick reference card to every department employee. The card lists resources that are available 24/7/365 on one side and the other side lists coping skills to assist employees during a critical moment. A brochure designed for and distributed to the family members of employees.