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Application to Submit Officer Safety or Wellness Programs

Does your agency or department have an effective officer safety program? The deadline for the 2022 awards submissions has concluded; however, please share your submission for the 2023 awards.


The Destination Zero Program is proud to recognize outstanding officer safety and wellness programs that proactively engage employees in initiatives designed to increase overall officer wellness and/or reduce line-of-duty injuries or deaths. Each year, awards are presented in four categories: General Officer Safety, Officer Traffic Safety, Officer Wellness, and Comprehensive Safety. Winners are acknowledged during Police Weekend ceremonies in Washington, DC, and featured on the Destination Zero website.


This award recognizes a program improving officer safety in the areas of personal protection or tactical training or has adopted measures that create a safer work environment. The program should demonstrate the ability to increase an officer’s physical safety by reducing job-related injuries, enhancing personal safety, or by providing life-saving training. Likewise, the agency has both developed and actively promoted their officer safety programs and, in doing so, achieved employee buy-in and program acceptance. The agency has successfully achieved its goals to increase safety or reduce injuries or deaths as it continues to set new goals and further enhance officer safety.


This award recognizes a program’s success in improving officer traffic-related safety practices. The agency has developed and successfully promoted their officer traffic safety program and, in doing so, achieved employee buy-in and program acceptance. The program has successfully increased officer safety related to traffic and made strides towards reducing traffic-related injuries or deaths while building a culture focused on traffic safety measures.


Officer Wellness is the most encompassing category of the four, focusing on topics such as physical, psychological, occupational, financial, and spiritual wellness, mental health-related programs, stress management initiatives, peer support, suicide awareness and prevention programs, and resilience. Officer Wellness is a multi-faceted category that addresses an officer’s overall well-being. This award recognizes innovative measures to increase officer wellness.


This award recognizes the law enforcement agency that has successfully developed, implemented, and promoted the most comprehensive and strategically implemented officer safety or officer wellness program. The program employs an overarching communications strategy that embraces voluntary participation and an enhanced departmental awareness and has achieved a high degree of employee buy-in through its creative and innovative implementation strategies.


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  • All submissions will be reviewed for follow-up with full application instructions. Two members of each winning agency will be flown to Washington, DC during Police Weekend in October to receive their award at a reception held in their honor. Any program deemed to have a proven record of safety and wellness, whether or not the program is an award winner, will be featured on There are currently over 200 programs and program components available to any law enforcement agency free of charge.



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